• If you’ve constantly asked yourself, “Who am I?” then this class is for you!

    PLACE is a unique, blended assessment of your personality, spiritual gifts abilities and passions. You take an online assessment and then attend class to find out more in depth how God has specifically wired you.

    Are you outgoing? Steady? A visionary? Are you calculated? Do you love to serve? Do you like to teach? Are you artistic or investigative? PLACE will nail it down for you and give you better insight into  your own wiring as well as those around you where you live and work.

    Kairos offers this class once a quarter and you must complete the online assessment portion BEFORE attending class.

    PLACE will help you better understand your God-given traits, learn to apply them in ministry, and use them to develop a purposeful mission statement.

    Details: Class is FREE, Snacks and drinks are provided.