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What People are Saying

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"Ordinary is not an option" #kairosnashville @wtmckenzie

I don't know why, but I teach bolder when speaking to my generation. Maybe b/c I have such high hopes for us.


@kairosnashville it's been real this summer. Until next summer, I'm off to school. Love u guys. #grace and #peace #kairosnashville

Thrilled to discover that @pwilson and @JonAcuff will be joining us at @KairosNashville in August! Two of my faves!


In right relationship with the Son God, you don't wear the pants, control the agenda, or make the rules. #KairosNashville

This month's line up includes: @mikeglenn @pwilson @jonacuff and more! See you Tuesday

"@KairosNashville: Walked through 1 John 5 With @wtmckenzie. Podcast up online!"


Room full of blood donors tonight! Thx Kairos! #kairosnashville

Walked through 1 John 5 With @wtmckenzie. Podcast up online!