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Goodness, The Lord has truly blessed me with some sweet sweet Bible study friends! #kairosnashville #latergram

Kairos 101 is TONIGHT after worship! Just give us 30 minutes & we will get you connected in the Kairos community!


SUCCESS! Up to 18 lives were helped by our team's donation @americanredcross ! Join us for our drive on July 14th and sign up online now! Promo code KAIROS #kairosnashville

RT @mikeglenn: Tomorrow night @kairosnashville—More Q &A. Honest answers to your questions.


Thank you for sharing your life verse and a powerful message tonight @darrenwhitehead #kairosnashville

Tomorrow night @kairosnashville—More Q &A. Honest answers to your questions.

Learn all about how you're personality, spiritual gifts and passions fit together in this FREE CLASS!…


Almost set up and ready for you! See you at 7 for an incredible night at #kairosnashville

Learn more about how God wired you-PLACE covers personality, spiritual gifts, abilities, passions and experiences!