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What People are Saying

Join the conversation with #KairosNashville


"Christianity is about...." @mikeglennonline #kairosnashville

Last night in the series "What Would Jesus Undo" tomorrow.....Empty Worship


A class to learn how God uniquely wired you. #kairosnashville

Ladies! Here is a special event JUST FOR YOU! Check out the details of our next Girls Night Out on Thursday!


"Nothing but the blood of Jesus." Thank you for worshipping with us tonight.#kairosnashville

You can still meet up for People Group Immersion THIS weekend! Details here:

@mboggs14, can we sing "Never Once" by Matt Redman @KairosNashville?


Grab a Kairos shirt tonight before they run out! #kairosnashville

Feel ignorant about other cultures? THIS SATURDAY will be a UNIQUE day in Nashville unlike any other!!