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Join the conversation with #KairosNashville


"Ordinary is not an option" #kairosnashville @wtmckenzie

This month's line up includes: @mikeglenn @pwilson @jonacuff and more! See you Tuesday


@kairosnashville it's been real this summer. Until next summer, I'm off to school. Love u guys. #grace and #peace #kairosnashville

"@KairosNashville: Walked through 1 John 5 With @wtmckenzie. Podcast up online!"


In right relationship with the Son God, you don't wear the pants, control the agenda, or make the rules. #KairosNashville

Walked through 1 John 5 With @wtmckenzie. Podcast up online!

Can't say enough how thankful we are for over 100 people joining last night at the blood drive! Thx again


Room full of blood donors tonight! Thx Kairos! #kairosnashville

RT @KairosNashville: "Ordinary is not an option" #kairosnashville @wtmckenzie