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Great quote shared tonight #kairosnashville

RT @KairosNashville: Blessed night learning from this awesome Aussie darrenwhitehead. #kairosnashville


We're happy to have @darrenwhitehead at #kairosnashville tonight.

RT @brentwoodbc: Great quote shared tonight #kairosnashville


Grab a seat! Kairos is about to start! #kairosnashville

I love @KairosNashville. I love Aussies. I love the mercy of Jesus.

@DarrenWhitehead @KairosNashville thanks for the great energy tonight! Awesome message - consider visiting again, yes?


And the answer is.....#ksatrivianight #kairosnashville

Loved being @kairosnashville tonight. Beautiful worship. Fantastic people. #sameteam @ Brentwood…